Boston native Ashanti Munir and Craig A. Eleazer decided back in 2007 to embark on the journey to fulfill a life-long dream of making original music.  They enlisted local music composer, engineer and producer Felix Mwangi to guide the ship.  As in every journey there have been ups and downs but together they managed to churn out a string of international hits. 

The trilogy set spans Ashanti's career from the debut  single "I'm Staying Home Tonight" through  the more recent release "Yesterday featuring Ty Causey."  She's become internationally known and is now ready for it to grow here in the States.  Now based in Charlotte, N.C., Ashanti is making new connections that should get her music the exposure that it deserves.  

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"Ethereal Magic 2" includes Ashanti Munir's     "It Should Be U ft. Neil Letendre!"

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  • So Smooth (Colin Watson's Lady Munir Remix)3:46

"I was blessed to sing the National Anthem for The Gobetrotters!"

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2008 - Balance


2016 - Lady Munir

ASHANTI MUNIR is an indie soul singer who hails from Brockton, Massachusetts. She debuted in 2008 with an album called 'Balance'. The set was one of that year's best indie soul outings. Her sophomore set – was even better received. 'Soul Of A Woman' was a great little collection featuring amongst many fine soul sides a nifty modern soul gem, 'So Smooth'. That tune ran and ran – also coming in three remixes from French R&B producer Wadz on one of his famed compilations

Since then Ashanti's released more fine singles and the 'Lady Munir' long player but it seems that 'So Smooth' is the song that will define her. No wonder... it has all the key ingredients that define the very best modern soul dancers while her vocal is a throwback to the great songstresses of the Golden Era. ... no pyrotechnics, no over the tops... just solid soul commitment!

Now... guess what? Yes... 'So Smooth' has just been remixed and once again it's that man Colin Watson at the controls. Mr W's timed the release of his new tweak perfectly – March 17th, which happens to be Lady Munir's birthday! Wonderful.... let's hope it helps take one of indie soul's finest out into the mainstream.

2010 - Soul of a Woman



Ashanti Munir

"It's good to be back on-line with my new website!  I thank you for your patience during these technical difficulties.  Please take your time and enjoy your visit.  You can also book me for performances, purchase and stream my original music.  Thanks again!"  -  ​Ashanti